MIS Quiz

Important MIS Quiz Questions and Answers In 2023

The importance of Information systems in business is growing day by day. The success of any business will depend on the systems they are capable of running. MIS Quiz is an important part of MBA, Corporates, Banks, and other competitive exams. The set of questions provided by Peppertype.ai will come in handy for aspirants appearing for MIS Quiz in 2023.

So, let’s get started with some MIS quiz question and their exact answers.

Q1. What year had the highest revenue for Atlantic Cod. What was the revenue?

a. 2011 revenue $32,596,94
b. 2012 revenue $47,656.27
C. 2010 revenue $32,596.98
d. 2006 revenue $29,777.55

Q2. What year had the highest revenue of all fish? What was the amount?

a. 2010, revenue $85,687,444.526
b. 2014, revenue $2,906,858,711
c. 2011 revenue $32,596,942.223
d. 2012, revenue $25,687,227.302

Q3. Which industry has the lowest overall percent of revenue of these? What was the % of revenue?

a. Black Grouper at 8.27
b. b. Mako Sharks at 1.82%
c. c. Tuna at 2.22%
d. d. Slender Sole at 2.76%

Q4. What year had the highest profit per pound for Black Grouper? What is the amount?

a. 2015 at $4.26 per pound
b. 2016 at $5.54 per pound
c. 2014 at 622,808.00
d. 2006 at 890,067,00

Q5. What percent did the Branded Spiny Lobster contribute for the years 2005-2015? What was the total revenue during this period?

a. .21%, revenue = $1,036,958
b. 74.37%, revenue = $89,788,238
c. 25.37%, revenue = $11,836,958
d. 42.66%, revenue = $51,668,784

Q6. Of all the species of Grouper, what Grouper had the highest revenue? What year was that in and what was the revenue?

a. 2011 Red Grouper, revenue = 44,498,872
b. 2012 Black Grouper, revenue = 33,489.181
c. 2007 Black Grouper, revenue = 33,676,178
d. 2014 Red Grouper, revenue = 21,498,178

Q7. In terms of pounds, what is the most fished Shark? How many pounds were taken during the years 2005-2015?

a. Spiny Dogfish, 157,085,954 lbs
b. Tiger, 322,984,142 lbs
c. Reef shark, 909,283,134 lbs
d. Maco, 755,689,383 lbs

Q8. What Shark produced the best price per pound? How much was it per pound. What was the lowest price per pound paid for a Shark? What Shark was it?

a. Highest Longfin Mako at $3.35 Lowest, Blue Shark at 9 cents
b. Highest Longfin Mako at $3.35 Lowest, Black fin Shark at 9 cents
c. Highest Blue Shark at $3.35 Lowest, Longfin Mako at 9 cents
d. Highest Reef shark at $3.35 Lowest, Blue Shark at 9 cents

Q9. What were the Pacific Cod revenues in 2015?

a. $640,222,484
b. $640,322,677
c. $257,745,064
d. $640,789,234

Q10. What was the total 2015 Revenue for American Lobster?

a. $620,643,370
b. $257,643,970
c. $620,843,370
d. $257,643,370


  1. a
  2. b
  3. d
  4. a
  5. a
  6. d
  7. a
  8. a
  9. c
  10. a