Terms & Conditions

The StatQuiz website (“Service“) is a hosted service operated by StatQuiz Inc.(referred to as “StatQuiz“). Any use of the Service is subject to the following Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms and Conditions“), as well as to StatQuiz’s Privacy Policy, all of which are incorporated by reference into these Terms and Conditions. If you use the Service, it will be assumed that you have accepted these terms and conditions.

  1. Eligibility: The Service may not be used in certain jurisdictions. Users of all ages can utilize the service. For children younger than 13, StatQuiz offers a limited feature set and does not require StatQuiz to obtain parental consent. We designed our system to permit children to use StatQuiz without StatQuiz collecting personally identifiable information other than persistent identifiers that recognize the StatQuiz user as a repeat visitor. By utilizing the Service, you affirm and guarantee that the following is true and accurate: (a) the registration information you provide; (b) you will preserve the accuracy of such information, and (c) your use of the Service does not conflict with any relevant laws or regulations.
  2. Your StatQuiz Account and Data: If you create an account on the Service, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and data, and you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under the account. You must immediately notify StatQuiz of any unauthorized uses of your data, your account, or any other breaches of security. StatQuiz will not be liable for any acts or omissions by you, including any damages of any kind incurred as a result of such acts or omissions. StatQuiz may from time to time set storage limits for your data, or take any other measures StatQuiz considers appropriate to manage the Service. StatQuiz may also from time to time change its policies on offering commercial content or displaying advertising, and it may do this without notice.
  3. Prohibited Anything and Activities, and Contributors’ Responsibilities: If you compose quizzes, leave comments in the discussion areas, upload content to the service, post links there, or in any other way contribute to material available by means of the Service (any such material, “Content”), you are entirely responsible for the content of, and any harm resulting from, that Content. That is the case regardless of whether the Content in question constitutes text, graphics, an audio file, computer software, or any other format in which StatQuiz stores data. Additionally, it is solely your responsibility to confirm that you have the legal right to use any information and content. StatQuiz does not assume any responsibility for damage caused by your acts, errors, omissions, or negligence with respect to the content you post to StatQuiz.
  4. The StatQuiz Service is intended to be educational. Examples of the types of Content that are forbidden or illegal to upload on or through the Service include the following: StatQuiz reserves the right to suspend or terminate your ability to access StatQuiz if you post illegal or prohibited content on StatQuiz. StatQuiz further may investigate and take appropriate legal action against anyone who, in StatQuiz’s sole discretion, violates this provision, including without limitation, removing the offending Content from the Service and terminating the accounts of such violators. Prohibited Content includes, but is not limited to, Content that, at the sole discretion of StatQuiz:
    • is blatantly disrespectful and encourages physical damage of any type against any group of people or class;
    • harasses or advocates harassment of another person;
    • exploits or promotes the sexual or violent exploitation of others;
    • contains anything that is sexually suggestive, contains nudity unrelated to the study of art, medicine, or another legitimate field of study, depicts or glorifies excessive violence without justification for teaching, or contains content that is offensive;
    • solicits personal information from anyone under 18;
    • information that exposes or puts anyone’s privacy or security at risk in the public domain;
    • includes details about someone else that you uploaded without that person’s permission;
    • infringes a person’s right to privacy, right of publicity, copyright, trademark, contract rights, or any other right;
    • supports criminal activity or behavior that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, or libelous, or comprises information that you know to be inaccurate or misleading;
    • constitutes or encourages the illegal or unauthorized duplication of a copyrighted work by another person;
    • solicits other users’ passwords or personal information for commercial or illicit purposes;
    • entails sending unsolicited bulk mailings, instant messages, “junk mail,” “chain letters,” or “spam”;
    • provides instructional material about illegal activities, such as creating or purchasing illegal weapons, invading someone’s privacy, or otherwise furthers or encourages any criminal activity or enterprise, or creating computer viruses; or
    • involves commercial activities and/or sales without prior written consent from StatQuiz such as contests, sweepstakes, barter, advertising, or pyramid schemes.
  1. Examples of the kind of activities that are prohibited or illegal on the Service include the following. StatQuiz reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against anyone who, in StatQuiz’s sole discretion, violates this provision, including without limitation, reporting you to law enforcement or national security authorities. A few examples of forbidden actions are, but are not limited to:
    • unlawful or tortious behavior, such as delivering viruses or other destructive files, copyright infringement, patent infringement, trade secret theft, trafficking in obscene material, drug selling, gambling, stalking, harassment, and so on;
    • bypassing or altering any security software or technology that is a component of the Service, attempting to do so, or encouraging or helping others in doing so;
    • organizing or encouraging acts of violence;
    • Impersonating or attempting to impersonate another user, person, or entity is illegal, along with other actions.
    • using a different user’s username, password, or account at any time, telling a stranger your password, or allowing a stranger to access your account;
    • utilizing or attempting to use any information received through the Service to harass, abuse, or damage another person or entity;
    • activity that involves the use of viruses, bots, worms, or any other computer code, files, or programs that interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer allowing illegal access to or usage of computer hardware, software, or other components;
    • any automated use of the system, including but not limited to posting content using scripts;
    • affecting, disturbing, or placing an excessive demand on the service, its networks, or the services that are connected to it;
    • putting up an illegal commercial ad on the service, or taking money or something of value from a third party in exchange for carrying out any commercial activity through the illegal or improper use of the service on their behalf;
    • utilizing the Service in a manner that goes against any and all laws and rules that may apply; or
    • reproduces, duplicates, copies, sells, trades, resells or makes any other unauthorized use of, access to, or use of the Content and/or services made available through this Service for any commercial purpose (unless you have been specifically allowed to do so in a separate agreement).
  1. By making Content available, you guarantee that:
    • it won’t violate any other party’s intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the copyright, patent, trademark, or trade secret rights when downloaded, copied, or used;
    • You have either: I obtained from your employer permission to post or make available the Content, including but not limited to any software; or (ii) obtained from your employer any and all rights to the Content are waived;
    • you have fully complied with any third-party licenses relating to the Content, and you have taken all steps necessary to successfully pass through to end users any required terms;
    • material is free of or does not install any malware, Trojan horses, viruses, or other potentially dangerous or destructive elements;
    • content is not spam, and it doesn’t contain unethical or unwanted commercial content intended to direct users to third-party websites or increase the rankings of those websites in search engines or support illegal activities (like phishing), or deceive users about the source of the content (like spoofing);
    • content does not violate any third party’s privacy or publicity rights, is not obscene or defamatory, and
    • have, in the case of Content that includes computer code, accurately categorized and/or described the type, nature, uses and effects of the materials, whether requested to do so by StatQuiz or otherwise.
  1. Users that are not customers of the StatQuiz for Work professional plans and submit content to StatQuiz for inclusion on the Service (by publishing a quiz for example) grant StatQuiz a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free license (with the right to sublicense) to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display, and distribute such Content in any and all media or distribution methods (now or later developed). Such additional uses by StatQuiz, or other companies or individuals who partner with StatQuiz, may be made with no compensation paid to you with respect to the Content that You use the Service to submit, post, or otherwise make something available.
  1. Customers who have paid for a StatQuiz for Work professional plan are not considered to have granted StatQuiz any such license, nor are the users of those paid accounts who use StatQuiz because of a paid, StatQuiz for Work professional plan. Unless otherwise specified, those customers and their users are subject to all other provisions of this Agreement.
  2. Responsibility of Service Visitors: StatQuiz has not reviewed, and cannot review, all of the material posted to the Service, and cannot, therefore, be responsible for that material’s content, use or effects. By operating the Service, StatQuiz does not represent or imply that it endorses the material there posted, or that it believes such material to be accurate, useful or non-harmful. You are accountable for adopting the essential safety measures to guard against harmful or destructive content such as Trojan horses, worms, and viruses for both you and your computer systems. The Service could include offensive, objectionable, or otherwise undesirable content, as well as content that is inaccurate technically and contains typos and other errors. The Service may also include content that is subject to additional, explicit, or implicit terms and conditions and/or that violates the privacy or publicity rights, intellectual property rights, or other proprietary rights of third parties. StatQuiz disclaims any responsibility for any harm resulting from the use by visitors of the Service, or from any downloading by those visitors of content there posted.
  3. Content Posted on Other Websites: We have not reviewed, and cannot review, all of the material, including computer software, made available through the websites and webpages to which StatQuiz links, and that link to StatQuiz. StatQuiz does not have any control over those non-StatQuiz websites and webpages and is not responsible for their contents or their use. By linking to a non-StatQuiz website or webpage, StatQuiz does not represent or imply that it endorses such website or webpage. You are responsible for taking precautions as necessary to protect yourself and your computer systems from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other harmful or destructive Content.StatQuiz StatQuiz disclaims any responsibility for any harm resulting from your use of non-StatQuiz websites and web pages.
  4. Copyright Infringement and DMCA Policy: As StatQuiz asks others to respect its intellectual property rights, it respects the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe that material located on or linked to by StatQuiz violates your copyright, you are encouraged to notify StatQuiz. StatQuiz will respond to all such notices, including as required or appropriate by removing the infringing material or disabling all links to the infringing material. In the case of a visitor who may infringe or repeatedly infringes the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of StatQuiz or others, At its sole discretion, StatQuiz has the right to revoke a user’s access to and use of the Service. In the event of such termination, StatQuiz will not be required to repay any fees that have already been paid to StatQuiz.
  1. Trademarks: StatQuiz, StatQuiz.com, the StatQuiz.com logo, and all other trademarks, service marks, graphics, and logos used in connection with StatQuiz, or the Service are trademarks or registered trademarks of StatQuiz or StatQuiz’s licensors. Other logos, images, and service marks that may be used in conjunction with the Service are third parties trademarks. You do not have any rights or licences to copy or otherwise use any StatQuiz or third-party trademarks as a result of your use of the Service.
  2. Changes: StatQuiz reserves the right to make any changes to the Service, including without limitation any content made available through it and these Terms and Conditions, at any time and without prior notice. You should regularly examine these Terms and Conditions since you are bound by any such updates or modifications, including but not limited to those impacting them.
  1. Limitation of warranties of StatQuiz, its suppliers, and its licensors: Except as otherwise expressly stated, all content posted to or available from the Service is provided “as is”, and StatQuiz, No claims or implied guarantees, including but not limited to those of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, title, or non-infringement of property rights, are made by its suppliers or its licensors. You understand and agree that you download from, or otherwise obtain content or services through, the Service at your own discretion and risk and that StatQuiz, its suppliers, and its licensors disclaim all liability and responsibility for any harm that the downloading or use of such content or services may cause to your computer system or data. Certain of the above may not apply to you since some jurisdictions do not permit the exclusion of implied warranties.
  2. Limitation of liability of StatQuiz, its suppliers, and its licensors: Without limiting the foregoing, in no event shall StatQuiz, its suppliers, or its licensors be liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect, special, consequential, or exemplary damages that may result from the use of the Service, or the contents of any linked website, including without limitation any lost profits, business interruption, loss of data, or other damages, even if StatQuiz, its suppliers, or its licensors have been advised of the possibility of such damages In no event will the aggregate liability for any and all of your claims against StatQuiz, its suppliers, and its licensors arising out of or related to the use of the Service, or the contents thereof, or of any hyperlinked website exceed the amounts actually paid by you to StatQuiz during the 12-month period prior to the date a claim is made. Some of the above limits might not apply to you because some countries do not permit the exclusion or limitation of liability for specific incidental or consequential damages. The parties concur that Section 10 provides an appropriate risk allocation.
  1. General Representation and Warranty: You represent and warrant that your use of the Service will be in accordance with the StatQuiz Privacy Policy, these Terms, and Conditions, and any local laws or regulations in your country, state, city, or other governmental areas regarding online conduct and acceptable content, all applicable laws governing the transmission of technical data exported from the United States or the country in which you reside, and any other applicable policy or terms and conditions.

Miscellaneous: These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between StatQuiz and you concerning the subject matter hereof, and they may only be modified by a written amendment signed by an authorized executive of StatQuiz, or by the posting by StatQuiz of a revised version. The laws of the state of Delaware in the United States of America will govern all access to and use of the Service, unless and until relevant law, if any, provides otherwise. If any part of these Terms and Conditions is held invalid or unenforceable, that part will be construed to reflect the party’s original intent, and the remaining portions will remain in full force and effect. Any term or condition of these Terms and Conditions or any breach of them by either party in any one instance does not constitute a continuing waiver of that term or condition or of any subsequent breaches. You are free to transfer your rights under these Terms and Conditions to anybody who agrees to abide by their terms; StatQuiz is free to transfer its rights under these Terms and Conditions without restriction. The parties, their authorized assigns, and successors are all parties to and are bound by these terms and conditions.