Top 10 MIS Quiz Questions With Answers

Top 10 MIS Quiz Questions With Answers

Welcome to our guide on “MIS” (Management Information Systems), an essential component in today’s business landscape. MIS refers to using technology and systems to manage, process, and analyze data for effective decision-making and organizational management.

We’ll explore the fundamental concepts of MIS and its significance in modern organizations. MIS helps businesses collect, store, and retrieve data from various sources, enabling managers to access timely and relevant information to support their decision-making process.

We’ll delve into the key components of MIS, including databases, software applications, hardware infrastructure, and networking technologies. Understanding these components is crucial for leveraging MIS effectively within an organization.

Furthermore, we’ll discuss the benefits of MIS, such as improved efficiency, enhanced decision-making, and strategic planning. By implementing MIS, businesses can streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

So, let’s move on to the quiz questions with answers.

  1. Q1. What operator had the most fatalities? What was the operator name and how many fatalities

    a. Pan Am, 1452
    b. American Airlines, 789
    c. Aeroflot, 7156
    d. Delta Airlines, 1895
    e. Aeroflot, 2156

  2. Q2. Who are the top 2 operators with the most ground deaths? What percent of the total do they have respectively (Highest to lowest)?

    a. Delta 41.82%, United 35.66%
    b. American 43.69%, United 41.64%
    c. American 41.64%, United 43.69%
    d. American 43.69%, Delta 22.78%
    e. Aeroflot 37.33%, US Airforce 21.27%

  3. Q3. Which year shows the most ground fatalities and what was the amount?

    a. 2005, 132
    b. 2011, 853
    c. 2001, 5641
    d. 2013, 934
    e. 2015, 8,544

  4. Q4. What location has the worst record? What was the location and the number of fatalities?

    a. Tenerife, 761
    b. Paris, 1349
    c. New York, 22,345
    d. London, 345
    e. Boston, 674

  5. Q5. Determine what aircraft had the most fatalities. What was the name of the aircraft and the amount?

    a. Boeing 747, 3,873
    b. Antonov AN-22, 3,957
    c. Boeing 737 Max, 647
    d. Douglas DC3, 793
    e. Douglas DC3, 4,793

  6. Q6. How many male AND female journalist died in the Philippines?

    a. Male 133, Female 11
    b. Male 127, Female 110
    c. Male 1270, Female 110
    d. Male 127, Female 11

  7. Q7. What country in what year had the greatest number of female deaths? What was the country ant the amount?

    Select one:
    a. Iran, 2006, 11
    b. Russia, 2012, 22
    c. Algeria, 1995, 6
    d. Iraq, 2011, 18

  8. Q8. What country shows the highest number of Journalist killed? What was the amount?

    Select one:
    a. Russia, 312
    b. Iran, 270
    c. Iraq, 270
    d. Iraq, 273

  9. Q9. What country had the most Crossfire AND “Crossfire-Combat Related” deaths? What was the amount?

    Select one:
    a. Serbia, 212
    b. Indonisia, 387
    c. Syria, 81
    d. Turkey, 22

  10. Q10. What year had the least amount of Journalist Deaths? What was the amount?

    Select one:
    a. 2019, 26
    b. 2007, 109
    c. 2006, 199
    d. 2011, 287

Answers: MIS Quiz Questions

  1. b
  2. d
  3. e
  4. e
  5. a
  6. a
  7. c
  8. d
  9. c
  10. a

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