10 reasons

Why is cool math games blocked?

1. reason

 Coolmath Games is brought on by the fact that Adobe will no longer support Flash.

2. reason

Flash is already being blocked by Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari, but total support will be terminated 

3. reason

Many students use their Chromebooks to play games when they should be working or even when teachers are trying to present a lesson. This could be the rationale behind why the cherished website was initially disabled.

4. reason

It kept students straying, disturbing those still working on their own assignments,

5. reason

These games are free of violence and pointless action, but they are jam-packed with obstacles that will trick you into forgetting you're working your brain.

6. reason

Many students wasted a lot of time playing particular games on Cool Math that required a lot of time and effort.

7. reason

It turns dangerous because Adobe Flash was beginning to pose a security threat.

8. reason

Your entire computer is taken over, which violates your privacy.

9. reason

It switched from Adobe to HTML5, thus continuing to use Flash isn't in anyone's best interests.

10. reason

It does not offer kids enough educational advantages.