What Is Probability?

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It is a branch of mathematics that deals with the occurrence of a random event. The value is expressed from zero to one

Formula for Probability

Probability of event to happen P(E) = Number of favourable outcomes/Total Number of outcomes

Types of Probability

Theoretical Probability Experimental Probability Axiomatic Probability

Probability Tree

The tree diagram helps to organize and visualize the different possible outcomes. Branches and ends of the tree are two main positions.

1) There are 6 pillows in a bed, 3 are red, 2 are yellow and 1 is blue. What is the probability of picking a yellow pillow?

Solved Examples

Ans: The probability is equal to the number of yellow pillows in the bed divided by the total number of pillows, i.e. 2/6 = 1/3.

Probability Questions With Answers