Top Math Tricks For Kids

Multiplying by 6

6 x 4 = 24

Multiplying 5 times any number

To multiply a number by 5, simply divide the number by 2 and multiply it by 10.

Multiplying a number by 9

Once my kids mastered the simple tricks such as those mentioned above, I taught them tricks like this one.

10 and 11 times tricks

The trick to multiplying any number by 10 is to add a zero to the end of the number.

Multiplying numbers that end in zero

Multiplying numbers that end in zero is actually quite simple.

Comparing fractions

Kids can easily compare the fractions irrespective of any challenging numbers they get.

Taking You Back To Square One

As one of the 10 cool magic tricks, it begins from 2 digits, bringing you back to them after various calculations.