8 Best Statistics Games

1. Coin Toss Probability game

Being pretty simple, this game is for students of the lower grade.

2. Candy Recreation

Candy Recreation game acts as a great learning aid.

3. Builders and Bulldozers

Along with statistics, builders and bulldozers also teach students about teamwork and team building.

4. Set with Cards

Set with Cards is a simple time-based card collection game that needs the player to set a combination.

5. Tsuro

Tsuro is a unique board game based on tiles that have paths.

6. Monopoly

Monopoly has been quite a popular board game.

7. Ship, Captain and Crew

Ship, Captain, and Crew is a simple dice game that needs only 5 dice to play the game.

8. Bunco

Bunco is a multiplayer game that needs to have three dice.

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