Best 8 Different Types of Staistics Charts

1. Bar Chart

Most of the companies use bar charts because one of the most used data visualizations is bar charts.

2. Line Chart

The line chart, also known as a line graph, joins multiple data points to portray them as a single continuous progression.

3. Pie Chart

A pie chart is a circular representation of the statistical graphic, which is divided into various slices to show all the desired data in numerical proportions.

4. Histogram

A popular graphing tool is a histogram. It’s used to summarise data that are either discrete or continuous and measured on an interval scale.

5. Scatter Plot

In a Scatter plot, different colors of Dots are used to represent values for two different numeric variables.

6. Exponential Graphs

The Study of exponential functions using a table of values and drawing all the points on graph paper is known as exponential graphs.

7. Trigonometric Graphs

The sine function, cosine function, tangent function, cotangent function, cosec function, and sec function are among the six trigonometric functions.

8. Logarithmic Graphs

Logarithmic functions are just the Opposite of Exponential functions, and the graphing methods are comparable.

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