7 Most Important Scope of Statistics

1. Used In Business

scope of statistics plays a key role in the well-functioning of business organizations.

2. Used In Economics

Economics and statistics are two interrelated terms and are used with one another.

3. Used In Banking

Banking is another big sector where scope of statistics is used for carrying out operations.

4. Used In Accounting And Auditing

The scope of statistics has an efficient role in both the auditing and accounting field.

5. Used In State Administration

The scope of statistics also includes information that is used by the government for its administrative activities.

6. Used In Astronomy

It is another important branch where statistical tools are widely used. Astronomy measures the masses, size, distance, etc.

7. Used In Research Work

The scope of statistics also includes the area of research work that requires statistics for doing each and every activity.

Top 8 importance  of statistics