The Best Sat Math Tricks and Tips

1: Know What Math You’ll Be Tested On

The topics might be skills you learned years ago or have never even covered.

2: Memorize Common Formulas and Math Facts

On SAT Math, 12 important formulas with be included at the beginning of both math sections.

3: Take High-Quality Practice Tests

You can only get better at SAT Math when you use high-quality practice tests and, unfortunately, there’s a lot of substandard study materials out there.

4: Learn From Your Mistakes

If you don't understand exactly why you missed that question, you'll make that mistake over and over again.

5: Retry Questions You Got Wrong 

When you get a question wrong, the first thing you probably do is look to see what the correct answer.

6: Focus Your Studying

The best part of sat math tricks is focus you studing properly to get better grade jn math exam.

7: Underline Key Parts of the Question

This is one of the best SAT Math tricks to use if you’ve been making careless mistakes and getting questions wrong even though you know how to solve them.

8: Be Aware of Your Time

Time pressure is something nearly everyone taking the SAT needs to be aware of, and it can be a particularly big issue on SAT Math.

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