Project Management Quiz

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Ques. Activities that can be accomplished simultaneously are called __ activities.

(a) critical (b) preceding (c) succeeding (d) concurrent

Ques. __ is the earliest time an activity can begin

(a) EFT (b) LST (c) LFT (d) EST

Ques. A Project is not acceptable for finance if its

(a) BEP is high (b) NPV is negative Correct (c) NAP is positive (d) IRR is higher than the cost of capital

Ques. Factory cost does not include

(a) Indirect manufacturing cost (b) Burden (c) Factory overheads (d) Office overheads

Ques. Which of the following is not a phase in the project life cycle:

(a) Pre- investment phase (b) Construction phase (c) Normalization phase (d) Growth phase

Ques. Which of the following is a technique of project identification:

(a) Desk research (b) Sensitivity analysis (c) CVP analysis (d) None of these

Ques. Large scale projects are an example of __ project

(a) quantifiable (b) magnitude oriented (c) sectoral (d) crash

Best Project Management Quiz Questions of 2022