Maths Puzzles With Answers

Puzzle Cube Net

As a net, a moving-block puzzle cube is demonstrated to be disorganised. Can you make it work?

Partition Clues

Depending on the hints provided, divide the integers in various ways. The harder stages are really challenging!

Where's Wallaby?

Utilize the hints supplied at the selected coordinates to locate the hiding wallaby.

Egg Timers

The traditional hourglass puzzle requires you to time the boiling of an egg using only the two given egg timers.

Prime Numbers Jigsaw

Interactive jigsaw puzzles with a variety of prime-containing grids.

Code Cracker

By changing the text's encrypted letters, you can decipher the encryption. Numerous hints regarding code-breaking methods are offered.

How Many Squares?

In how many different ways may four sets of four dots be connected to make a square?


To leave an even number in each row and column, click the six fleur-de-lis symbols.


Put the digits in the correct order to create six 3-digit numbers that combine awesomely.

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