Top 8 Math Games For Grade 4

This game challenges kids to discover alternate ways to solve a problem.

1. Broken Calculator

This is another game that takes basic addition skills to the next level.

2. Bridges

Making the number 15 through addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division may not seem like a difficult task.

3. Make 15

In this fun arcade-style game, stars fall from the sky.

4. Catch the Stars: Multiples

In this game, balls travel around a track.

5. Math Lines: X Factor

Three strikes and you’re out in this fun baseball game that helps kids practice their multiplication skills.

6. Batter’s Up Baseball

This game is similar to the popular Number Munchers game that kids used to play in school.

7. Number Eaters

Drag Race Division allows kids to complete against one another in a race to the finish line.

8. Drag Race Division

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