Top Benefits of Playing Math Cool Games Chess

1. Chess improves memory

It might not be surprising to learn that expert chess players have strong memory skills.

2. Chess enables you to enter a flow state

Flow is a deeply rewarding sense of total involvement, in which you’re operating at a peak performance level in a challenging task.

3. Chess elevates your creativity

Researchers at a school in India tested the creative thinking skills of two groups of students.

4. Chess leads to better planning skills

Chess games are known for long periods of silent contemplation, during which players consider each move.

5. Chess can make therapy more effective

Some counselors and therapists play chess with clients as a means of building more effective therapeutic relationships.

6. It improve the symptoms of ADHD

In a 2016 study researchers included regular chess playing in a multi-faceted treatment approach.

7. It help stave off a panic attack

There haven’t been any large-scale studies to support the use of chess apps to help reduce panic attack symptoms.

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