Employment And Unemployment Quiz

A person lost his job due to economic recession. He agreed to do some job on a low wage. This is known to be as which among the following?




 If a person is ready to work at the prevailing wage rate in the market, but he is unable to find the work, then what type of unemployment would it be called?

Voluntary unemployment

Involuntary unemployment

Seasonal unemployment

Which type of unemployment has the marginal productivity of the workers as zero?

Disguised Unemployment

Involuntary unemployment

Structural Unemployment

What type of unemployment is found in developed countries?

Involuntary unemployment

Voluntary unemployment

Structural unemployment

The term “Open Unemployment” is used when:

people are not willing to work

people are willing to work but not get work

people leave their jobs in search of better ones

Workforce refers to that part of:

Labour force which is employed

Polpulation which is unemployed

Labour force which is unemployed

Cyclical and frictional unemployment are found in....... ?

Less developed and developing countries both

Developed countries

Less developed countries

Who developed the concept of disguised unemployment?

John Keynes

Amartya Sen

John Robinson

What is the right formula to know the unemployment rate?

Total number of unemployed / total labour force X 100

Total labour force / Total number of unemployed x 100

Total number of unemployed / total labour force x 1000

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