List of Top Cool Math Tricks

1. The 6174 Trick "New"

Here's a pretty cool trick that helps build 4-digit subtraction skills.

2. Math Dice Trick

You will throw 5 dice and announce to your audience that you can see through the dice and will add up the numbers on the boom of the dice.

3. Cool Mind Reading Math Trick

Watch and learn how to perform this cool that will have your friends and family pretty amazed and wondering how you did it.

4. Number Tricks

Most of us use numbers in our every day lives. Math number tricks are pretty cool and work because of the math.

5. Multiplication Shortucuts

Doing math fast in your head is pretty cool...many times you can beat the calculator! Kids Can Learn To Perform Lightning Fast Calculations.

6. Math Card Tricks

Most kids like playing cards! Try some cool math card tricks that are fun to perform.

7. More Silly Tricks

If you like eating chocolate you should get a kick out of the next trick.


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