Top Cool Math Games to Boost Your Skills

1). Toon math runner

This game tests your ability to solve math equations while constantly running and getting through obstacles.

2). Kahoot! Multiplication Games 

Multiplication Games gives you a chance to tackle simple multiplication tasks to help you improve your timetables.

3). Mathland

This explorative game allows you to travel to different islands to find hidden gems stolen by an evil pirate called Max.

4). Math games – Zeus vs. Monsters 

Combining the elements of Greek mythology and fun math equations was an ingenious idea of game developer Peaksel Games!

5). Riddles & Puzzles Maths Games 

Math helps you to unleash your inner genius by solving a mix of logical puzzles. The logical puzzles help you to create new connections for advanced thought and mental speed.

6). Prodigy

With over 900 crucial math skills for Grades 1 - 8, Prodigy is the perfect game for mastering mathematics.

7). Math Playground

Math Playground is a popular learning site filled with math games, logic puzzles and a variety of  problem solving activities.

8). Sum Swap

Kids develop math fluency and early math skills basic as they play through the game board.

Top 8 math games for kids