3 Low-Volatility Dividend Stocks for Growing Passive Income


The 2022 bear market is having an impact not only on investment profits, but also on investors' thinking. Even investors who like growth companies are looking to dividend-paying 


equities this year as a method to combat the slump. However, the most astute investors understand that dividend payments aren't a panacea for market downturn. Even very lucrative firms with


lesser volatility are vulnerable to this vicious cycle. Rather, high-quality dividend stocks are an excellent approach to begin constructing a portfolio of assets that provide passive income.

Texas Instruments

While the iShares Semiconductor ETF is down 39% this year, blue chip dividend stock Texas Instruments is down only 14.6%.

American Tower

Over the previous four quarters, the corporation turned 87% of its free cash flows into dividend checks, an all-time high that yet left capacity for future increases.


Visa posted scorching results in its recently finished fiscal year 2022. Revenue increased by 22% year on year to $29.3 billion, while net income increased by 21% to $15 billion

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