Top 10 MIS Quiz Questions With Answers

Top 10 MIS Quiz Questions With Answers

Welcome to our guide on “MIS” (Management Information Systems), an integral aspect of modern business operations. MIS involves using technology to gather, process, store, and disseminate information essential for managerial decision-making and strategic planning.

We’ll explore the role of MIS in enhancing organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness. Through MIS, businesses can streamline their processes, improve communication, and gain valuable insights from data analysis.

We’ll delve into the components of MIS, including software applications, databases, hardware infrastructure, and networking systems. Understanding these components is crucial for leveraging MIS effectively within an organization.

Moreover, we’ll discuss the benefits of MIS implementation, such as improved decision-making, better resource allocation, and enhanced customer service. By harnessing the power of MIS, businesses can adapt to changing market conditions and stay ahead of the competition.

Whether you’re a business professional, entrepreneur, or student, understanding MIS is essential for navigating the complexities of today’s digital landscape. Join us as we explore the fundamentals of MIS and uncover its potential to drive innovation and growth in organizations of all sizes. Welcome to the world of MIS!

So, let’s move on to the quiz questions with answers.

  1. Q1. What year had the highest revenue for Atlantic Cod? What was the revenue?

    Select one:
    a. 2006 revenue: $29,777.55
    b. 2012 revenue: $47,656.27
    c. 2011 revenue: $32,596,94
    d. 2010 revenue: $32,596.98

  2. Q2. What year had the highest revenue of all fish? What was the amount?

    Select one:
    a. 2011 revenue: $32,596,942.223
    b. 2012, revenue: $25,687,227.302
    c. 2014, revenue: $2,906,858,711
    d. 2010, revenue: $85,687,444.526

  3. Q3. Which industry has the lowest overall percent of revenue of these? What was the % of revenue?

    Select one:
    a. Tuna at 2.22%
    b. Slender Sole at 2.76%
    c. Black Grouper at 8.27
    d. Mako Sharks at 1.82%

  4. Q4. What year had the highest profit per pound for Black Grouper? What is the amount?

    Select one:
    a. 2014 at 622,808.00
    b. 2016 at $5.54 per pound
    c. 2006 at 890,067,00
    d. 2015 at $4.26 per pound

  5. Q5. What percent did the Branded Spiny Lobster contribute for the years 2005-2015? What was the total revenue during this period?

    Select one:
    a. .21%, revenue = $1,036,958
    b. 25.37%, revenue = $11,836,958
    c. 74.37%, revenue = $89,788,238
    d. 42.66%, revenue = $51,668,784

  6. Q6. Of all the species of Grouper, what Grouper had the highest revenue? What year was that in and what was the revenue?

    Select one:
    a. 2012 Black Grouper, revenue = 33,489.181
    b. 2014 Red Grouper, revenue = 21,498,178
    c. 2011 Red Grouper, revenue = 44,498,872
    d. 2007 Black Grouper, revenue = 33,676,178

  7. Q7. In terms of pounds, what is the most fished Shark? How many pounds were taken during the years 2005-2015?

    Select one:
    a. Spiny Dogfish, 157,085,954 lbs
    b. Tiger, 322,984,142 lbs
    c. Maco, 755,689,383 lbs
    d. Reef shark, 909,283,134 lbs

  8. Q8. What shark produced the best price per pound? How much was it per pound. What was the lowest price per pound paid for a shark? What kind of shark was it?

    Select one:
    a. Highest Longfin Mako at $3.35 Lowest, Black fin Shark at 9 cents
    b. Highest Reef shark at $3.35 Lowest, Blue Shark at 9 cents
    c. Highest Longfin Mako at $3.35 Lowest, Blue Shark at 9 cents
    d. Highest Blue Shark at $3.35 Lowest, Longfin Mako at 9 cents

  9. Q9. What were the Pacific Cod revenues in 2015?

    Select one:
    a. $640,322,677
    b. $640,222,484
    c. $257,745,064
    d. $640,789,234

  10. Q10. What was the total 2015 Revenue for American Lobster?

    Select one:
    a. $620,843,370
    b. $257,643,970
    c. $620,643,370
    d. $257,643,370

Answers: MIS Quiz Questions

  1. c
  2. c
  3. b
  4. d
  5. a
  6. b
  7. a
  8. c
  9. c
  10. c