Time Management Quiz

Most Asked Time Management Quiz Ques. & Ans.

According to Lee, Lin, Huan, Huang and Teng (2015)), task interdependence means _.

a. team members are more relationship oriented than task oriented.
b. team members are more task oriented than relationship oriented.
c. tam members would rather work alone.
d. team trust has been destroyed.
e. the team can not complete the task without all members participating

According to Levi and Askay (2021), what are the four components of Team Emotional Intelligence.

a. confluence and cognition; dramatization and dressing
b. concreteness and diversity; time and function
c. language and symbols; territory and map
d. self and others; awareness and behaviors

According to Levi and Askay (2021) Who is more talkative in public and workplace situations?

a. anxious team members rather than connected team members
b. team members rather than managers.
c. executives rather than managers
d. men rather than women.
e. women rather than men.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), a goal with a mixed movie means that _.

a. the diversity of the team is so great that the members want different goals.
b. the team manager wants something different than team members
c. two different teams are trying for the same goal.
d. there are split missions in the charter.
e. thet team members individual goals are different from the team goal.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), even short project meeting should _.

a. should include as many people as want to come.
b. allow for as much discussion as each member wants.
c. only listen to ideas which are common to all members.
d. avoid questions.
e. have minutes which are distributed right after the meeting.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), which of the following countries is most individualistic?

a. United States of America
b. Japan
c. China
d. India
e. North Korea

According the Levi and Askay (2021), team competition _.

a. increases cohesion
b. destroy’s individual decision making ability.
c. is more difficult for women to handle
d. breaks down trust.
e. does not occur if there is an effective leader.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), what are the two dimensions fo communication?

a. open and closed
b. pica and toure
c. demonstrative and impressive
d. verbal and non verbal
e. content and relation

According to the discussion in our text book (Levi and Askay, 2021), when communication bypassing occurs __.

a. an entire conversation is omitted.
b. trust increases but then tapers off.
c. the team needs a new team member who usually is a superior performer.
d. the sender and receiver may not even know it occurred until a conflict takes place.
e. it can not be solved with an apology.

According to Parker and Kunde (2017), there are times when team members make a decision based on the desire to be part of the team rather than the realistic appraisal of the situation. This is called __.

a. team cohesion
b. diffusion theory
c. acceleration
d. sustained member support
e. group think

According to Levi and Askay (2021), to increase team communication effectiveness, team members should try to _.

a. set up a false dichotomy
b. discuss only common knowledge information.
c. encourage confirmation bias.
d. use a devil’s advocate.
e. avoid non verbal messages.


  1. e
  2. d
  3. d
  4. e
  5. e
  6. a
  7. d
  8. e
  9. d
  10. e
  11. d