Time Management Quiz

5 Most Important Time Management Quiz Questions

Levi and Askay (2021) stated that a manager of an organization could make the employee conform to the needs of the organization system–deviation produces quality defects and inefficiencies. This view is from __.

a. The interactional approach.
b. Source Organization ( by Henry Cabbaing)
c. Scientific Management (by Fredrick Taylor)
d. pre-industrial revolution management.
e. Agricultural orientation (by Jarad Framington)

Our text defines Group as __.

a. teams with a single organizational purpose
b. competitors teams with the same goal as a membership team.
c. four or more working employees who may or may not be seeking the same goal.
d. a brief encounter among employees in an organizational setting.
e. members who influence each other

The role of teams in organizations has changed due to __.

a. the increasing size of the middle class.
b. the pandemic
c. increased focus on diversity.
d. the development of new technology
e. an increase in the population of employees (women entering the work force).

In the Krikman, Jones, and Shapiro (2000), SMWT stands for __.

a. Single-made Wizard Tolerance
b. self-managed work team
c. synergistic modal wandering team
d. Scientific Management Wider Tolerance
e. Source Microchip Wafer Transmitter

Teams and Groups are the same thing.

a. only in multinational organizations.
b. False
c. true
d. only in the military.
e. only with Generation Y team members.


  1. c
  2. c
  3. d
  4. b
  5. d