Time Management Quiz

Top Time Management Quiz Questions with Answers

According to Levi and Askay (2021), under what conditions does social loafing occur?

a. When an individual is in a tam with strangers.
b. When there is at least one family member on the team.
c. When people are being social.
d. When almost any person is on almost any team.
e. When people are working alone.

According to Rogelberg (2019), on average, managers spend 23 hours per week in meetings. How many hours each week that a manager spends in team meeting are unproductive?

a. 24
b. 15
c. 10
d. 8
e. 6

According to Levi and Askay(2021), what assignment did this class already complete that (hopefully) helped your team crate a shared team mental model?

a. all team members did the same readings.
b. Everyone posted a self introduction on Moodle.
c. We held on-line class meetings.
d. During module one, each team wrote its charter.
e. We have bi-weekly discussion and response posting.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), team diversity training is more successful when it __.

a. is delivered immediately after a conflict based on diversity
b. is delivered by the team manager or higher executive.
c. acknowledges cultural differences rather than ignoring them
d. concludes with a list of organizational ‘taboos’ .
e. reduces communication about diversity (ethnic group, gender, social status, religious belief)

According to Rogelberg (2019), the first step for managers who are preparing for a meeting is to __.

a. determining who to invite.
b. determining where the meeting should be held.
c. finding a common time to hold the meeting
d. determining the purpose of the meeting.
e. arranging for an ice breaker for the meeting.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), the bond that holds a team together is called _.

a. team bondings.
b. team cohesion.
c. team trust.
d. team development.
e. team resolution.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), what type of team is more challenging to manage?

a. face-to-face teams are more challenging than virtual teams.
b. virtual teams are more challenging to face-to-face teams.
c. manufacturing teams are more challenging than office teams.
d. office teams are ore challenging than manufacturing teams.
e. the average team is not challenging to manage.

According to Marks, Mathieu and Zaccaro (2001), do all researchers agree on the concept of team processes?

a. Yes, there is agreement since World War II.
b. Yes, there is agreement within the United States scholars.
c. Yes, there is an agreement with organizations that produce a product or service.
d. No, scientists do not completely agree
e. No, scientists will never completely agree.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), which of the following factors will increase team members’ motivation?

a. a neutral social environment of the team.
b. the importance of the task to the manager.
c. the importance of the task to the organization’s goals.
d. increasing team member commitment to the team.
e. a larger team rather than a smaller team.

According to Marks, Mathieu and Zaccardo (2001), team members’ interdependent acts that convert inputs into outcomes through cognitive, verbal and behavioral activities directed toward organizing task work to achieve collective goals is __.

a. team tasks
b. team work
c. team outcome
d. team process
e. team time.

According to Levi and Askay (201), free riding is more likely to occur when a team member realizes that __.

a. other team members have worked together on another team.
b. there is no probablity of completing the task on time.
c. team members will receive the same benefit regardless if they contribute to the team.
d. the task is too easy, not challenging and team members get bored.
e. one or two team members are doing all the work.

According to Marks, Mathieu and Zaccardo (2001), team situational awareness is __.

a. a quality is needed once a process is chosen.
b. is related to team trust.
c. do not impact team work.
d. is not actually a team process
e. is used in the organizational motivational vision.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), when otherwise good performers slack off in teams because they don’t want other team members to take advantage of them, it is called __.

a. anti-trust measures
b. collaboration variation
c. the sucker effect
d. free riding
e. social loafing

According to Marks, Mathieu and Zaccaro (2001), I-P-O stands for __.

a. industry, productivity, overextension.
b. input, product, output
c. influence product, ostentation.
d. index-positivity-operations
e. There are no specific meanings, the letters are random.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), team leaders _.

a. should not work in diversity so they will avoid problem for the corporation.
b. should choose an in-group made up of those team member most like him or her.
c. choose an in-group made up of those people most different from him or her.
d. contribute to team discussions more than the members.
e. work toward equity.


  1. d
  2. d
  3. d
  4. c
  5. d
  6. b
  7. b
  8. a
  9. d
  10. d
  11. c
  12. a
  13. d
  14. b
  15. d