Team Management Quiz

15 Team Management Quiz Question for Students

It is imperative for any business to have a well trained and well managed teams members. A well trained team will be able to handle any situation that is thrown at them. For a team member to be well trained, the team manager has to ensure that the members are equipped with the right skills and knowledge. One of the key questions to ask any team member is ‘what is your role?’ Without a clear understanding of the team’s role, it is difficult to carry out their functions. Team role quiz questions are designed to help both the team manager and team members understand their roles better. This blog will look at different aspects of team management quiz questions. You will be presented with a number of different questions and the answers to these questions.

So, let’s get started with the team management quiz questions and answers.

According to Lee, Lin Huan, Huang and Teng (2005), the degree to which team members individually identify with each other and intend to help each other by actions or sharing resources is a measure of _.

a. falsification
b. cohesion
c. conflict avoidance for teams
d. team functionality
e. group hot identity

According to Levi and Askay (2021), there are two senior managers on a team with three entry level employees: To try to equalize the power of the team members, the team can try using _.

a. team norms
b. outside rebels.
c. personal security
d. a facilitator or social worker
e. humor.

According to Somech, Desivilya and Lidogoster (2009), how team conflict is handled _.

a. does not impact team cohesion
b. impact the team leader more than team members
c. can impact team performance
d. will increase social loafing
e. will increase only free-loading

According to Levi and Askay (2021), Tom is a friendly teammate who if very smart nd works hard. You may be influence by his thinking. This is called _ power.

a. people
b. team
c. reference
d. equity
e. durable

According to Lee, Lin, Huan, Huang and Teng (2015), task interdependence increases __.

a. team negativity and poor attitude
b. cooperation and job performance
c. relationship conflict
d. manager intervention of facilitator intervention
e. organization dysfunctional flushing.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), the research into ‘follower-ship’ is _.

a. just beginning
b. about team members aspiring to be team leaders
c. is almost complete.
d. does not impact teams.
e. is score-diagonal.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), a prototypical leader tends to be _.

a. male and attractive
b. male and intelligent
c. male or female and well educated
d. female and attractive
e. female and intelligent

According to Levi and Askay (2021), if someone says, ‘Hey! I’m the team lead and I am telling you to delete the line of code,” that is an example of _.

a. team direction
b. responsible leadership
c. discussion avoidance
d. legitimate power
e. group team decision making

According to Levi and Askay (2021), if ‘leadership’ is defined as being a problem solver who solves team problem, the _ approach has been taken.

a. functional
b. adaptive
c. regulation
d. anti-social
e. descending

According to Levi and Askay (2021), which personality trait is the most influential when a team leader is selected?

a. intelligence
b. emotional disjointing
c. team vision
d. extraversion
e. introversion

According to Somech, Desivilya and Lidogoster (2009), the more a team identifies with each other and depend on each other, the more likely that the team will use a __ approach to conflict

a. conditional
b. cooperative
c. cohesive
d. competitive
e. comprehensive

Somech, Desivilya and Lidogoster (2009) reported that __.

a. only individuals have conflict styles. There are no team conflict styles.
b. in team settings, individual conflict style is opposite of team conflict style.
c. when in a team manhoods times, individual conflict styles is the same as team conflict styles
d. individual conflict style always changes to either match or reject team conflict style
e. team conflict style always fluctuates among the seven ‘red’ styles.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), most scholars regard management and leadership as the same concept.

a. true
b. true for upper management teams
c. true for manufacturing teams
d. false
e. falso for gender-derived teams

According to Levi and Askay (2021), when a team member adopts the behavior or attitude of the rest of the team, it can be considered conformity one if __.

a. at least one other member is different.
b. the leader expects the member to change.
c. the new attitude or behavior is a competitive advantage.
d. there is actual group pressure to adopt the new behavior or attitude.
e. it is an inappropriate behavior or attitude.

According to Levi and Askay (2021), the account of the Milgram (1974) study (experiment) _.

a. was a false positive study
b. ws conducted on animals but no animals were hurt in the study.
c. has never been replicated.
d. found that people often obey an authority even if hurting another person.
e. resulted in students leaving school to work for a nursing home.


  1. b
  2. a
  3. c
  4. c
  5. b
  6. a
  7. a
  8. d
  9. a
  10. d
  11. b
  12. c
  13. d
  14. d
  15. d