Most Essentials Cyber Security Quiz Questions

The technology that we use on a daily basis is increasing but so is the number of cyber threats. These cyber criminals use ingenious methods to exploit the vulnerabilities of your technology and networks. However, many of us do not take the risks seriously and are often caught out by cyber attacks. Cyber crimes are getting increasingly sophisticated and the tools are getting simpler. To fight these attacks we need to be more prepared and aware of the dangers that we face. Here are the Cyber Security Quiz questions.

Let’s get started with the most essential cyber security quiz questions with answers.

__ specifies the minimum requirements for the telecommunications infrastructure of data centers.

Select one:
a. TIA-492
b. RFC-4949
c. NIST-7883
d. RSA-298

A _ policy states that violation of this policy may result in immediate termination of employment or other discipline deemed appropriate by the company.

Select one:
a. disciplinary action
b. company rights
c. policy scope
d. business use only

When a DoS attack is detected, the first step is to _.

Select one:
a. identify the attack
b. analyze the response
c. design blocking filters
d. shut down the network

The DSS makes use of the _ and presents a new digital signature technique, the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA).

Select one:
b. XOR
c. RSA
d. SHA-1

__ has two operating modes, one tailored for single-source communication, and another tailored for multi-source broadcast communication.

Select one:
a. Edge
b. Keystone
c. OpenSource
d. MiniSec

__ is the insertion of bits into gaps in a data stream to frustrate traffic analysis attempts.

Select one:
a. Traffic padding
b. Traffic routing
c. Traffic control
d. Traffic integrity

A _ protects against an attack in which one party generates a message for another party to sign.

Select one:
a. data authenticator
b. strong hash function
c. weak hash function
d. digital signature

Periodically reviewing controls to verify that they still function as intended, upgrading controls when new requirements are discovered, ensuring that changes to systems do not adversely affect the controls, and ensuring new threats or vulnerabilities have not become known are all __ tasks.

Select one:
a. security compliance
b. maintenance
c. incident handling
d. program management

__ will integrate with the operating system of a host computer and monitor program behavior in real-time for malicious actions.

Select one:
a. Fingerprint-based scanners
b. Behavior-blocking software
c. Generic decryption technology
d. Heuristic scanners

The security classification for a restricted area containing a security interest is _.

Select one:
a. controlled
b. exclusion
c. unrestricted
d. limited

The _ field in the outer IP header indicates whether the association is an AH or ESP security association.

Select one:
a. protocol identifier
b. security parameter index
c. IP destination address
d. sequence path counter

_ is the movement of data in a business process.

Select one:
a. Provisioning
b. Workflow automation
c. Revocation
d. Initialization

The most common variant of injecting malicious script content into pages returned to users by the targeted sites is the _ vulnerability.

Select one:
a. XSS reflection
b. chroot jail
c. atomic bomb

Traditionally the function of __ was to transfer control to a user command-line interpreter, which gave access to any program available on the system with the privileges of the attacked program.

Select one:
a. shellcode
b. C coding
c. assembly language
d. all the above

The _ attack is designed to circumvent filtering rules that depend on TCP header information.

Select one:
a. tiny fragment
b. address spoofing
c. source routing
d. bastion host

The smallest building block of a wireless LAN is a __.

Select one:
a. BSS
b. ESS
c. WPA

__ software is a centralized logging software package similar to, but much more complex than, Syslog.

Select one:
a. NetScan
b. McAfee
c. IPConfig

__ is a method for minimizing exposure of individual information while enabling continuous analysis of potentially interconnected data.

Select one:
a. Immutable audit
b. Selective revelation
c. Associative memory
d. Anonymization

__ allows an issuer to access regional and national networks that connect point of sale devices and bank teller machines worldwide.

Select one:
a. EFT
b. POS
c. BTM
d. ATF

Security concerns that result from the use of virtualized systems include __.

Select one:
a. guest OS isolation
b. guest OS monitoring by the hypervisor
c. virtualized environment security
d. all of the above


  1. a
  2. a
  3. a
  4. d
  5. d
  6. a
  7. b
  8. b
  9. b
  10. b
  11. a
  12. b
  13. a
  14. a
  15. a
  16. a
  17. d
  18. b
  19. a
  20. d