Top 20 Cyber Security Quiz Questions of 2022

Cyber security is a challenging topic and it is important to have knowledge of it to protect your company and personal information. This Cyber Security Quiz is created to give a hacker’s eye view of how secure your company is from the outside world. The questions are designed to be challenging and thoughtful to test your cyber security knowledge. This blog takes a look at an online cyber security quiz that you can try.

Let’s get started with a Cyber Security quiz MCQs with answer.

__ is verification that the credentials of a user or other system entity are valid.

Select one:
a. Adequacy
b. Authentication
c. Authorization
d. Audit

A(n) __ is a resource to which access is controlled.

Select one:
a. object
b. owner
c. world
d. subject

A ……….. access control scheme is one in which an entity may be granted access
rights that permit the entity, by its own volition, to enable another entity to access some

Fill the blank with an appropriate answer

__ is based on the roles the users assume in a system rather than the user’s identity.

Select one:
a. DAC
c. MAC

_ is the granting of a right or permission to a system entity to access a system resource.

Select one:
a. Authorization
b. Authentication
c. Control
d. Monitoring

A …… is a mapping between a user and an activated subset of the set of roles to which the user is assigned.

Fill the blank with an appropriate answer

…………. access control controls access based on the roles that users have within the system and on rules stating what accesses are allowed to users in given roles.

Fill the blank with an appropriate answer

A __ is an entity capable of accessing objects.

Select one:
a. group
b. object
c. subject
d. owner

The principal objectives of computer security are to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to resources, to prevent legitimate users from accessing resources in an unauthorized manner, and to enable legitimate users to access resources in an authorized manner.

Select one:

__ refers to setting a maximum number with respect to roles.

Select one:
a. Cardinality
b. Prerequisite
c. Exclusive
d. Hierarchy

A concept that evolved out of requirements for military information security is __ .

Select one:
a. reliable input
b. mandatory access control
c. open and closed policies
d. discretionary input

The __ component deals with the management and control of the ways entities are granted access to resources.

Select one:
a. resource management
b. access management
c. privilege management
d. policy management

Traditional RBAC systems define the access rights of individual users and groups of users.

Select one:

A ……… is an object or data structure that authoritatively binds an identity to a token possessed and controlled by a subscriber.

Fill the blank with an appropriate answer

An auditing function monitors and keeps a record of user accesses to system resources.

Select one:

A user program executes in a kernel mode in which certain areas of memory are protected from the user’s use and certain instructions may not be executed.

Select one:

__ controls access based on comparing security labels with security clearances.

Select one:
a. MAC
b. DAC

Any program that is owned by, and SetUID to, the “superuser” potentially grants unrestricted access to the system to any user executing that program.

Select one:

A ……….. dictates that a user can only be assigned to a particular role if it is already assigned to some other specified role and can be used to structure the implementation of the least privilege concept.

Fill the blank with an appropriate answer

An ABAC model can define authorizations that express conditions on properties of both the resource and the subject.

Select one:


  1. b
  2. a
  3. Discretionary
  4. b
  5. a
  6. session
  7. Role-based access
  8. c
  9. True
  10. a
  11. b
  12. b
  13. True
  14. credential
  15. True
  16. False
  17. a
  18. True
  19. prerequisite
  20. True